Immune Tincture


We are delighted to partner with local maker, Mary Risavi from Wise Goat Organics to share her version of a traditional fire cider.

4 oz bottle

A 3-month ferment based in raw organic apple cider vinegar that includes all the powerful ingredients that are known to support the immune system and general health of the body.  Great for preventative use, acute illnesses or while traveling. Traditional fire cider.

Ingredients: organic horseradish, organic ginger, organic turmeric, organic shallots, organic cayenne, organic garlic, organic apple cider vinegar

How to use: Take one dropper full in the morning and one at nighttime.

About Wise Goat Organics:

Based in San Juan Bautista (CA), all of their ferments are produced in small hand-crafted batches and packaged in glass vessels.  This ensures a proper fermentation process that provides maximum nutritional benefit while avoiding the possibility of chemicals leaching into the food as often happens with plastic or metal.  They focus on sourcing ingredients from local, organic, sustainable farmers and all their products showcase seasonal variations.

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